Community JSNA – Louise Daniels

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment……It may not sound exciting…but it brings about change!!

I am part of a small team at CVS (Louise Daniels and Suzanne Thomas) that tries to find answers to commissioners’ questions about the health and wellbeing needs of the communities in Cheshire East.

Many of you out there will have had a phone call or email from me or Suzanne asking very nicely for your help!  We get very excited when we make valuable connections and manage to fill gaps in knowledge, and help to find ways to fill gaps in services.

But we can’t do it without your help!  You may remember that last year we were asking questions about technology and in particular…

‘The impact of technology on health and wellbeing’

Well I want you to know that it made a difference….  Yes, the report was well received…. but often it takes a while for the full impact to be visible.  

On the back of the work we did – the work our sector was part of - there is now a newly created group:

CEDIT – Cheshire East Digital Inclusion Taskforce

This group has formed to deliver the actions that came out of our work, focussing on how to make digital inclusion a reality in Cheshire East

The group has already been recognised as important, and is supported by senior strategic officers from our public bodies

If you would like to know more, we are very happy to give you a call  - we would love to know how you feel about this success.  Or post a comment below and let us know about anything you would want to take to the CEDIT group or about your needs around digital inclusion (for example if you need more digital champions)


Thank you again to all VCFS groups that contribute to Cheshire East Community JSNA

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