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Monday, 23 January, 2023 - 00:00

Bentley’s Advancing Life Chances Small Grants Programme provides grants up to £500 to support charitable organisations working with vulnerable, disadvantaged or under-represented communities.

The programme is aimed at supporting communities in 19 locations across the UK. This localised approach has been selected to maximise the impact of the programme, allowing grants to improve outcomes for communities in multiple and intersecting ways and amplifying the impact in each area.

The locations selected are those where Bentley has a presence in the community. They are made up of 18 Bentley retailer partner locations across the UK and additionally our HQ and Manufacturing site in Crewe. To be eligible, organisations must be located within a 20-mile radius of the sites in the locations listed below. To be sure that you are eligible, you can find a full list of eligible postcodes here.

In working to advance life chances, our priority is to support organisations working with vulnerable people, disadvantaged and under-represented communities. The programme’s areas of focus are below:

  • Access - Remove the barriers and improve access to services, education and employability.
  • Empowerment - Development of the life skills that enable people to be more self-confident, successful and thrive in life.
  • Quality of Life - Provide support to live a healthier life both physically and mentally.
  • Better Future - Safeguarding the environment, improving nature-deprived areas, drive improvement to “place” and boosting community spirit.

Full details of priorities and eligibility for grants can be found in our Bentley Advancing Life Chances Small Grants Policy.

Through the Bentley Advancing Life Chances Small Grants programme, we are keen to support organisations and communities within the vicinity of key locations for Bentley, where we have a local presence.


The Advancing Life Chances grants are decided on a quarterly basis. If you wish to apply for a grant you will need to do so before the corresponding date each quarter. We aim to make decisions within 3 weeks of the deadline, and applicants will be informed thereafter.

We do expect to receive a large amount of applications for grant funding, as such, unfortunately we will be unable to award all of them. However, even if your application is unsuccessful, please do feel free to review your application and re-apply next quarter.

Bentley Advancing Life Chances Small Grants Programme: Key Dates

Deadline for Applications: 23rd January 2023
Decisions Communicated by: 13th February 2023


There are also additional quaterly grants available later this year:

Q1 2023 open for applications: 6th Feb to 20th March 2023
Q2 2023 open for applications: 6th April to 30th June 2023
Q3 2023 open for applications: 7th July to 29th Sept 2023
Q4 2023 open for application: 6th Oct to 29th Dec 2023

For more information on how to apply visit: Sustainability: Social: Community Investment and Corporate Citizenship: Advancing Life Chances Small Grants Programme

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